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Allergy Cream
No Shots! No Drops!
This innovative Allergy Cream is the easiest long-term allergy treatment yet! Forget the shots, or drops - how about simply rubbing your allergy medication on your arm? 

How does it work?

First, we do a skin test for nearly 50 environmental allergies. Based on the results we create a custom allergy cream that includes your specific allergens. 

As you rub the cream on your arm, your body is introduced to the allergens and you build your immunity to them. 

Want to get started? Want more information?
Step 1: Call us 512-382-9381 to schedule your environmental allergy test.

Step 2: Based on your results, we will custom make a topical cream for you to apply at home that introduces the allergens to your body to allow you to build your immunity to them. 

Starting building your immunity to cedar now!
We are the first to offer this in Texas! 

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