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Compounded Medication
Pre-manufactured medicine and the "one size fits all" approach to medicine may not work for you. In our in house laboratory, we compounded custom medications for you and your four legged friends. 
Examples of Compounded Medication 
  1. Different Forms
    Different Forms
    Medications can be made in your preferred or required form. Creams, lozenges, liquids, lollipops etc.
  2. Specific Dosages
    Specific Dosages
    No more cutting pills or guessing. When retail medication is not available in the dose you need, we create the exact strength of medication you need.
  3. Allergen & Dye Free
    Allergen & Dye Free
    If your medication needs to be allergen or dye-free, or free of any other ingredient your body cannot tolerate, we will custom make your prescription.
  4. Combined Medications
    Combined Medications
    We combine multiple medications into a single dose to make it easier to take and increase compliance.
Types of Compounded
  1. Are you allergic to ingredients in pre-manufactured medications? Do central Texas allergies affect your daily life? We make medications free of lactose, preservatives, dyes, gluten, sugar, and other ingredients. We also offer Allergy Cream. This long-term allergy treatment does not require shots or drops. We test for 40+ environmental allergies, make a custom cream that you rub on your arm to build an immunity to the allergen and end your allergy suffering for good.
    Allergy Free Solutions
  2. Do you have questions about safe, natural hormone replacement? Hormones affect many aspects of health and your life, including mood, metabolism, and sexual function. Unbalanced hormones can cause you to feel like a stranger in your own skin. We work closely with you and your healthcare provider to develop a hormone replacement therapy uniquely suited to your symptoms.
    Hormone Replacement Solutions
  3. Does your four-legged family member have an illness and need medicine? We make medicating your pets a breeze with flavors they'll drool over and a forms they will eat without difficult. We can help your pets live a long and happy life.
    Veternary and Pet Solutions