Child's Eye Health and Safety

3 Easy Steps to Ensure Your Child’s Eye Health and Safety

It is important that we keep up with the health of our children’s eyes. Sometimes they don’t know when to speak up and let us know when something is wrong.

Poor eye sight that goes unnoticed could cause them to fall behind in school, so it is important that we stay aware. Uncorrected vision problems can even lead to permanent vision loss.

Protect your children’s eyes with these three steps recommended from

1. Make sure your child’s health care provider, school or public health care program completes regular vision screenings.

2. Take your child to be checked by a regular eye doctor if they don’t pass their vision screening at school or if you have a family history of eye vision problems.

3. Follow all treatment recommendations the eye doctor prescribes for your child.

Protect your child’s eyes as much as possible at home too. Inside your home make sure to create a safe play environment by padding sharp counter edges, storing tools and sharp objects in a safe place, keeping harmful household cleaning products out of reach for children, providing plenty of light for children to see around the house, etc.

If you take them out to play during a sunny day make sure they wear UV protected sunglasses over their eyes. Especially when your on vacation, remember the ocean, sand and the snow all reflect the sun so we need to stay aware and protect ourselves while we’re having fun!

Solutions Pharmacy wants to help keep your children healthy, growing and learning 🙂

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