How Vitamins Can Improve Your Diet

How Vitamins Can Improve Your Diet

I’ll admit it, my diet is BAD. Ok, not bad, like very bad, all the time bad. It’s more like, “life is too short,” there are days my diet is bad. Here is how I manage.

Keeping up with work, kids school, sports, music – LIFE, brings challenges to maintaining a healthy, well balanced diet.

I treat my diet like a checkbook (what we used to use in the old days to pay for things from our bank account and what my mom still writes up now, holding up the grocery line).

If I have a big, high calorie breakfast, then for lunch and dinner, I control calories and portion sizes.

If I have a “splurge” dinner, with high fat foods and little to no vegetables, I wake up and have a fruit and veggies filled breakfast.

Its a balancing act, and sometimes I miscalculate and my bank account goes south, weight goes up and health declines. Other times, I  am on top of things, balancing my diet like a pro and and my weight is back down and feeling of health restored.

Because this is life and the fact that my blood work showed 2 vitamin deficiencies, I started taking a daily vitamin. The one I take is designed for women, Superior Women’s Multi (Vitamin & Mineral Complex).

The instructions stated I take one vitamin, twice a day. I’ve been doing this for two weeks and I feel great – I feel healthy!

I have a follow-up appointment to check my blood work, but I’ve noticed a few other benefits of getting back on track with a daily vitamin:

  • Little To No Cravings – getting the nutrients and minerals that my body requires cuts my afternoon sweet tooth and the random cravings I would experience on days my diet isn’t good.
  • More Energy – especially on the days that my diet struggled and I either forgot to eat or ate not-so-good stuff, I still had energy and didn’t fizzle out at 2 or 3-ish.
  • Less Puffy – another thing I’ll admit to is not drinking enough water. Many days my rings feel tight, face looks and feels a little puffy. Since taking my vitamins consistently I’ve noticed a change here. Obviously I take my vitamins with a glass of water, but I checked the Google and saw that vitamins and supplements make a difference in water retention. Since taking my vitamins I don’t remember the last time my rings were tight, in fact, I can play with them and move them around my fingers.

These are my results, I’m in my mid 30’s. Okay, mid to late 30’s trying to live a healthy life.

Talk with your doctor or pharmacist to see if a vitamin is right for you and to find one that is right for you.

I’m glad I started taking one, I think it has made a difference. I will say that not all vitamins are created equal. This one is a pharmacist formulated vitamin and mineral complex.

Now I just need to remember to take it and make it a habit! HA! I’ve added it to my AM routine and even have an alarm on my phone. #struggleisreal.

Cheers to making health a daily habit!

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