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We would be honored to be your community solution to all of your prescription and wellness needs.

We would be honored to be your community solution to all of your prescription and wellness needs. Whether this includes normal maintenance medications, supplements, tailored compounded prescriptions, or advice navigating this new horizon of CBD products; our team of educated staff can help with all of these essentials.

We Specialize in Your Convenience

Our accommodating, two-window drive-thru can assist with dropping off or refilling medications, over-the-counter products, supplements, or acquiring our very own Solutions CBD Oil at the first window.

Grab Your Meds Then Get a Snack…

Our second window is access to our Accoffeecary; where a variety of libations consisting of coffee, tea, smoothies are available to acquire. Along with your basic sustenance needs of breakfast tacos, donuts, and sandwiches.

We understand that your time is valuable and we have streamlined several ways to make receiving your medications as beneficial as possible.


30 or 90-Day Prescription Refills

We can supply 30 or 90-day prescription refills with most insurance plans.


Free Delivery

One of our delightful staff members will deliver right to your doorstep! We can also ship anywhere in Texas.
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Medication Synchronization

Tired of having to go to the pharmacy multiple times? We have medication synchronization!


Harmonizing Your Meds

We will work with harmonizing all your medications to be picked up, or delivered to you, in one trip, once a month!

We can help every family member…

Whether you have a fussy little one, a four-legged friend, or some unique medicinal needs, we have you covered.

Helping Your “Fussy” Patients

Have a stubborn patient at home refusing to take the “icky” liquid stuff? We can add a non-allergenic, gluten-free, and sugar-free flavoring, of your choice, to your little one’s liquid medications.

Check out these tips from FlavorX for help with your children and “medicine time.”

Compounded Medications

Pre-manufactured medicine and a “one size fits all” approach to your prescriptions may not work for you. In our house laboratory, we compound custom medications for you and your four-legged friends.

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