What is a Community Focused Pharmacy?

What is a Community Focused Pharmacy?

My parents have told me stories about going to their local pharmacy for medicine when they were younger. The staff and pharmacists knew their name, knew their family, and sincerely cared about them as members of the community and what sounds like a real friend.

In today’s world, most pharmacies do not have that same “feel.” Solutions Pharmacy is working to change that. Our priority and focus is to be a partner in your health, your “go-to” source for information, resources and support, and the medication you need. We pride ourselves in answering questions, being proactive and making health management easier for you.

We all have experienced the frustration of hearing and experiencing, “call your doctor, tell them to call this number, then call your health insurance, and IF she could answer your question. Then come back and see us.” Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and insurance is complicated and can be time consuming. If we can make a few calls for you or explain things thoroughly and make things easier, then we have met one of our goals.

When was the last time you or your pharmacist thoroughly reviewed your medications and supplements, prescriptions and over-the-counter to look for potential risks or negative side effects? That is the expertise of a pharmacist, let’s put them to work! Our pharmacists will gladly sit down and review your medications and doses and if need be, bring things to attention that you can discuss with your doctor(s).

We also know the impact and benefit of having healthy communities, so we offer different programs to help individuals and the community stay healthy. Our FREE Vitamin and Antibiotic Program gives kiddos 12 and under free vitamins every month and free antibiotics with a valid prescription.

We know that feeling when we hear about a kid in your sons class who was sent home sick……we cross our fingers and hope it wasn’t brought into our home. We are dedicated to help kids in our communities stay healthy and strong with free vitamins and mineral supplements and if they do get sick and require an antibiotic, we will fill a valid prescription for free to help get them feeling better faster.

Another program is our Diabetic Care Club. Because compliance with medication is a big part of diabetes management, people who join this program will receive compliance packaging, where we package each days medications in one pouch to opening different bottles and potentially missing a dose, a free meter, and free test strips every month. We will deliver this to the patient, free of charge.

We are always listening to the needs of our community members and want to provide a pharmacy where everyone and anyone can get help and support, find what they need easily and feel like they have a friend and partner in keeping them and their family healthy.

Come by and see us or give us a call!

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